When I was working at NZME, I realize that the company had huge demand on forms from all different brands they owned. The Radio site wants a form to collect audiences’s email for podcasts mail list. News site wants to create promotion pages with forms so that readers can engage with (clients) Brands. We used paid versions of some 3rd parties providers, but both internal and external users, and myself are not happy with what we had paid for… old-school bad design forms, and not always compatible with the users’ browsers/devices. The readiness of collected data also added extra challenges to the one who want to consume it. Usually we will need to add a “bridge” to submit the data to gsheet or mailchimp.

I though it would be great if there is a tool who can generate a professional front-end to users and use gsheet power as the back-end. This is technically possible, and I found someone did it today – https://formfacade.com/.

Something that not really helpful is this solution bind to gSuite, which is not always ready – not only because it not free, but also companies may hooked to another package already.

Maybe, It’s time for me to start something similar but work for the free tier ?…

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