Tutorial how does Git Rebase work and compare with Git Merge and Git Interactive Rebase

This article was originally published at: https://www.blog.duomly.com/git-rebase-tutor…n-with-git-merge Intro There are many ways of working with git, if they’re clean, and don’t do damages, probably most of them are good. But same as space vs. tab, in the IT world is a war between fans of git rebase, and fans of git merge.  There are tons of arguments about: -Which way is better?-Which one is cleaner?-Which is more comfortable?-Which one gives a cleaner

Google form for your site

When I was working at NZME, I realize that the company had huge demand on forms from all different brands they owned. The Radio site wants a form to collect audiences’s email for podcasts mail list. News site wants to create promotion pages with forms so that readers can engage with (clients) Brands. We used paid versions of some 3rd parties providers, but both internal and external users, and myself